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Certified Google Educators: How do you become one and what does it mean? #lusded #GoogleEDU



Congratulations to Cinnamon Johnsrud (@cbjohnsrud), Becky Connolly (@bconnolly13), 
Laurie Balsano (@one4Laurie), and Lori Jenkins (@lorij94)! Now… who’s next?!

Almost every day that a teacher steps foot in the classroom, she/he commits to learning. Whether she plans to learn from and with her students, or she finds a gem on Pinterest to spice up their classroom space, or she visits and unearths a helpful tool to aid in CCSS roll out – a teacher is CONSTANTLY reinventing herself and her craft.

A few teachers have taken it upon themselves to actualize this learning in a program offered by Google in Education – the Certified Google Educator program. This self-paced, on-demand learning model allows educators to select the content of the exams, review and prepare with professional resources produced by Google for EDU, and complete a 60 question online test to demonstrate their expertise.

Educators complete the learning modules for Drive and Docs, Sites, Calendar, Mail and one other Google App of choice. Once they pass the 5 tests (for a nominal fee), they can officially claim the title of “Certified Google Educator.” This process is more than just a time commitment – it’s an outward indicator that Google for Education is thriving in their world and will make it’s way to the worlds of their students.

You don’t have to be a Google Superstar to take this task on. In fact, all you need is a curiosity for learning and a hunger for more training on tools that can have a major organizational and creative impact on your life.

On that note, 3 cheers for our four new #lusded Certified Google Educators… and 3 more cheers for the next cohort that is close behind!

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