The Honest Truth…

Well… in true marathon style, I pooped my pants. I was moving and grooving and then some unsettling bubbles started bursting inside, and I knew the inevitable trip-up was coming. However, I am not going to let a little crap get in the way of my TrickleEDU mission. I set out to post every day, and life has made that incredibly difficult. I knew this was a wacky idea when I started, but I also knew that I would learn a lot about myself in the process. So… here’s what I’ve learned.


I am overwhelmed with life right now.

A few weeks ago, my family and I found out that we will be moving to a new city at the beginning of March. My husband’s office is relocating to Alabama (we will NOT be joining the team), so we had to put a lot of things in motion very quickly. In just over one week, Chris had secured a new job, we found the right-fit neighborhood for our family, we knew Charlie’s next school, and we found a house to rent. Woah. And since then, I’ve been on overdrive with packing, organizing, “getting-rid-of,” and trying to keep up with the exciting opportunities I have at work and with my family. But… it’s February 5 and I’m ready to dive back in.

I am a recovering perfectionist. 

I’ve thought about my Trickle Challenge every day, realizing that I have been sharing and filling buckets left and right. I just haven’t been great at capturing the giving. I have worked so hard in life to achieve a “perfect” something, but the beauty of this exercise is the reality that perfection is overrated.

It’s more important to be a mom and wife than it is to be a blogger. 

In light of all of our transitions right now, I definitely value my family and my husband more than ever. We need each other in so many ways right now, and I know that being present is my literal mantra day in and day out.

I am willing to try this again because I am an optimist. 

This challenge matters to me so much. Even though I am inundated with life and craziness right now, I still see success in my future with this adventure. I know that it’s not about proving that this is possible to anyone but myself. And I need to flex with the reality of my life. Sometimes, I will trickle on Instragram… and just because I’m not officially posting it on my blog, I can still connect the dots with my hashtag. DUH!

Come on Cate… stop worrying about the rules and hack the system you created to WIN!

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