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Filling My Own Family Bucket

empty hangers

DOWNPOUR NOTIFICATION: 3 days in one post due to… life. 🙂

Day 13 (January 13, 2018):

I was at my nephew’s wedding today and fully enjoyed the opportunity to disconnect with my device and connect with my family. which I think is a #tricklechallenge nugget in and of itself. I was stressed about getting a post out because “I said I would.” But in truth, this won’t work for a whole year if I don’t give myself room to trip up. So…. tripped up I am. 🙂 And guess what? IT’S OK!!!


Day 14 (January 14, 2018):

I spent a BOATLOAD of my Sunday getting rid of stuff. It looks like my family and I will be moving sooner rather than later, so the time to rid our lives of the boxes and boxes of things we’ve moved with over the last 8 years has come. The most emotional stuff I ditched was my bead collection.

beadsAbout 11 years ago, I started beading like a mad lady. It was 2005 and beading was popular, and I was hooked with the glitter and shiny cuteness of those pretty gems. It just so happened that trends moved on and my beads stayed behind. So, yesterday I did the big bead farewell. It was hard — mostly because it felt like I was saying goodbye to a mini-chapter of my life. I was living in Hollywood at that time in a studio apartment near Hollywood Blvd. and Highland. I was working at an intense charter school in Mid-City LA and struggling to find my right love match. I spent a lot of time with my sister back then and just figuring out life as a 25-year-old, and beading helped fill empty hours.

It’s crazy to consider how much life has changed since then, and as I opened each plastic storage box with my husband, Chris, holding the trash bag open and my 2 kids digging in the dirt in our front yard, I realized that it’s ok to let go of the past. It’s ok to give over hobbies that once filled your time to new hobbies and opportunities. At the end of the day, my edtech life personally and professionally has beautifully melted into a full like of passion for what I do and the teachers I help. And while beads are shiny and glittery, they are just beads, and it’s ok to make room for what’s next.


Day 15 (January 15, 2018):

spot it
I had so much fun playing Spot It with my kids last night. OMG It was hilarious to watch my 2-year-old and 5-year-old totally enjoy the matching and quick-processing of this game. If you don’t own one and you also work with young humans… INVEST!

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