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Global Collaboration on World Sketchnote Day 2018

world sketchnote day Team 3

I was thrilled to build a collaborative sketchnote on January 11 with 5 other sketchnoters across the globe. It was so cool to be the second person to add to the canvas, but I also felt a ton of pressure to start the content of the piece out. Instead of getting stuck in that space, I took it on and went back to what I know and love — creating simple clipart and playful lettering.

lean inI had drawn all 3 of these individual images in the past, and I brought them in together to create a new narrative.

The Hand and Pencil: Creativity can take some many forms, but it all started with a pencil in my hand. My doodle-boom happened Sophomore year of high school in my Geometry class. I remember being pretty bored and feeling my mind wander. In addition, my hands started to wander outside the lines and create shapes and lines. That’s the root of my doodle-story.

The Globe: It’s bright and beautiful, and knowing that each of my team members came from different parts of the globe made this an easy choice for World Sketchnote Day.

The Monkey: First of all, he’s so cute! I was born in the Year of the Monkey (1980). His whimsical tale and appetite for fun are clear on his little smiling face. If we don’t love what we’re doing, we must find the fun or GET OUT!

#PlayPD and #Sketch50: Two creative and engaging movements that I was involved in this past year. Both movements include elements of growth mindset, failing-forward, and collaboration, and they have both changed my instructional practice.

Together, I believe that my addition adds ME to the collaborative sketchnote, but I also hope you see yourself somewhere in there, too. Maybe you also started doodling with a pencil or are grateful for global connections. Perhaps you value PLAY in your daily life. Or maybe you just love to eat bananas (see monkey’s left hand).

This collaborative sketchnote that brought 6 of us to one canvas symbolizes why I feel my social network is truly a lifeline of creativity, connectivity, and inspiration.

Special thanks to Carrie Baughcum and Monica Spillman for facilitating this fabulous exchange, team members   and  for being AWESOME, and Mike RohdeMauro Toselli, and the entire #SketchnoteArmy PLN for making January 11, 2018 one for the books!

This is number 12 of 365 posts to be included in my 2018 #TrickleChallenge. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to stay connected and follow the journey. Or, JOIN the journey by using the hashtag yourself! 

4 thoughts on “Global Collaboration on World Sketchnote Day 2018

    1. Thanks so much, Monica!! Yes, I agree that it was a powerful exercise. Imagine getting classrooms to connect in the same way!!! Uh oh… there might just be something there! 🙂

  1. I just love this!! We don’t often take our doodles and share the insight behind them. What a wonderful, thoughtful and beautiful touch. I love the connections behind each one and I can see so much of my own life, journey and connections in it. Thank you so much for joining us on this crazy idea. We are so giddy that so many wonderful experiences came from it!!

    1. Of course! It made the world feel that much smaller as we passed the versions across the globe. I’m so grateful for “crazy” ideas that turn into magic right before our eyes! *hugs*

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