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Find Your Golden Nugget

As I finish up my second day of CUE Launch Training, I am tired. I have spent the last 48 hours hyper-focused on prepping some amazing educators to take the Google For Education Level 1 Certification. And many of them passed. Hooray!

I ask each of the educators I work with to tell me what their #goldennugget is. Whether it’s large or small, big impact or little impact — it doesn’t matter. I hope that each educator I work with walks away feeling like their time was well-spent. This afternoon, I worked with Megan who asked me to “help her fulfill a teacher dream.” I was hooked! How could I resist?!?!??

megan and cateShe asked me to show her how to take a Doc that was shared with her (that was a trimester student report) and, “Make it so that I can make a copy for each student and build their report digitally” since most of her colleagues print the Doc and write on the paper. #ChallengeAccepted


We worked through it until we got the Doc located in her Drive in the right place and formatted just right too.

For the next two hours, she kept whispering to me, “I’m on a teacher-high! I’m having so much fun!” And I heard her tell her friend, “Before lunch, I was wiped out. Now I feel so excited!!”

So to you, Megan, I dedicate my #TrickleChallenge11. Thank you for trusting me to help and allowing me at the same time.

We are always #bettertogether!

This is number 11 of 365 posts to be included in my 2018 #TrickleChallenge. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to stay connected and follow the journey. Or, JOIN the journey by using the hashtag yourself! 

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