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My Love Affair with Google Drawings


There’s no need to beat around the bush… I am in love – head over heels – smitten…

Google Drawings has captured my heart.

Here are a few reasons why I love Google Drawings.

  1. Layers upon layers upon layers… GD lets me stack all my creativity on top of each other until it is one beautiful pile of digital goodness.
  2. GD doesn’t have very many rules. I can make my canvas any size that I want. I can make the background a color OR an image. I can place texts and images all over the place and it just lets me feel FREE!
  3. I can link to any website, anywhere on the canvas. By placing transparent shapes on my top layer, I can link them to other URLs to create a super-dynamic and interactive environment.
  4. GD makes me look good. I mean… my work can look bright and flashy, streamlined and lean, quiet and reflective… you name it.

Google Drawings is one of the simplest, most flexible G Suite apps out there, and if you haven’t taken a dive in, it’s time!

Tonight, I set out to design an interactive image that links viewers to the 19 ISTE18 People’s Choice Sessions that CUE members have submitted. I decided to make a simple image on @Procreate and import it into Google Drawings. Then I placed WordArt and profile pictures over the different bubbles. Finally, I placed individual, transparent circles as the top layer and linked each one to individual URLs for the different voting pages on the ISTE website.

Here is the result:

To activate the individual links, you need to view the Drawing inside Google Apps, so you can click on the large image above or link here:


Next time you have a need to produce an image-rich project, look no further than Google Drawings… you won’t regret it. 🙂

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