2-Year-Olds Can, Too!


It just so happens that I’m not traveling this weekend or planning for an upcoming PD, so I was able to lay low with my family and just BE. That looked like a lazy morning, a Costco run, and a wishful afternoon nap for Rachel that turned into a chatty rest in her room for an hour. After she woke up, she asked to “play on her iPad.” Just to be clear… she doesn’t own this iPad. But she feels a sense of ownership that I think is pretty interesting. Without much prompting or direction, she has figured out how to turn the iPad on, navigate between apps, navigate inside apps to get past prompt screens, adjust the volume, and choose her own learning path.

She’s 2.

I think some educators who don’t get an opportunity to see the capacity of little learners don’t really grasp the abilities that they have and they are able to learn. Their young minds are sponges for language, processing, and computing.

Are we making it a priority to SHOW primary teachers that this can happen? 5-year-olds can type in passwords. They can navigate the web. They are not too young to learn digital citizenship. My 2-year-old is learning how to be a responsible digital learner already. These little learners are entering classrooms with a skill set that many primary teachers don’t understand or believe is possible.

Please empower them to use these skills and translate their confidence, logic, and resiliency to failure in the classroom setting. They can do it. Believe in them, and in turn, believe in yourself that your guidance and ability to learn is fully intact. You can do it, too.

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