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Learning Sketchnoting Tips & Tricks from My Friend, Wanda

better together

Thank you so much, Wanda Terral, for being a consistent and generous sharer of tips and tricks for sketchnoting inside the @Procreate app. I have used this app for a few years now, and I continue to be BLOWN AWAY by the possibilities it offers.

When Wanda shared out a sketchnote yesterday on Facebook, I got an idea…

You see, Wanda has started to teach sketchnoting with a sketchnote… pretty “meta,” right? What if I took a screencast using her sketchnotes to hone my own creative skills? I can’t think of a better way to honor an educator than to actually document the learning she imparts upon me IRL… so I did it!

better togetherNow, it’s not the most impressive tutorial I’ve ever produced, but it’s the REAL DEAL. I am so, so grateful that Wanda took the time to share her knowledge. She didn’t even know it, but she took the #TrickleChallenge to a whole new level. I felt my bucket filling, and I couldn’t stop!


So I didn’t. 🙂

My bucket is filled because of amazing educators, and I hope yours is too. Happy Friday everyone!

This is number 5 of 365 posts to be included in my 2018 #TrickleChallenge. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to stay connected and follow the journey. Or, JOIN the journey by using the hashtag yourself! 


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