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#ISTE18 People’s Choice Session — Badges & Micro-Credentials Party!

I MIGHT have the amazing opportunity to share my passion for digital badges and micro-credentials at the 2018 ISTE Conference, but I really need your help! ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) is offering their first-ever, crowd-sourced collection of sessions and we all have to “beg for our supper.”


In all honesty, I’m pretty intrigued by this idea. I think it’s a brilliant way to get high-quality, popular sessions on Sunday of the 5-day conference, which is often a travel day for people. It’s a smart marketing move to get a bunch of us presenters all jacked on our sessions and promoting them (in turn, promoting the ISTE conference). So, I decided to bite and play along.


vote for meAll you have to do is visit bit.ly/iste18badges and cast your vote for my session. I’ll be sharing the 4 C’s of digital badging and micro-credentials, an idea that came out of some exciting work I was part of at the Santa Clara County Office of Education this past year with my dear team members Martin Cisneros, Karen Larson, and Craig Blackburn. I love the way that the 4 C’s really frame the gamified approach of digital badges and make a case for process-over-product as well as intrinsic motivators.

So, please cast your vote and help me share the power of digital badges to a national audience. It would be my honor!

VOTE at bit.ly/iste18badges

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