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Yes, You Too Can Take the Trickle Challenge!

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One of my dear friends, Roland Aichele, texted me this morning and asked,

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This struck a nerve with me because I have been contemplating this very question. I would adore it if anyone felt inclined to join the Trickle Challenge, but who am I to assume anyone would want to?

My response:

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Now, in all honesty… people didn’t really “freak out” about the number of days included in the #Sketch50 movement started back in March 2017. (FYI – It was a 50-day sketchnote challenge.) But, I did get some feedback from people that MAYBE it could have been shorter. So, considering that, I didn’t know how to “invite” anyone to join in a challenge that spanned an entire year.

Roland simply replied:

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Well, DUH! I quickly thanked him for his logic and wisdom and decided that YES! I would extend the invitation. So, consider yourselves invited…

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Now, I’m choosing to commit to 365 days of sharing. You can choose your own parameters. There’s no wrong way to “trickle.” And I, for one, will be capturing my ideas in a bunch of different ways including writing, images, videos, podcasts, and sketchnotes. Go ahead… go big! Finally, I will share each post on Twitter and Facebook using #TrickleChallenge, and I hope you do too.

In the end, I hope that we gather so many amazing golden nuggets of educator awesomeness that buckets fill and refill each day. Educators need their buckets filled every day. Let’s help make that happen!

bucket filling

This is number 3 of 365 posts to be included in my 2018 #TrickleChallenge. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to stay connected and follow the journey. Or, JOIN the journey by using the hashtag yourself!


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