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#ConnectedTL Transitions Into Year 4 of Connected Leadership

staff lounge

Back at the Fall CUE conference in 2014, I met Rhonda Corippo and together, with Matt Vaudrey, we dreamed up #ConnectedTL — a network that connects and bridges current and aspiring teacher-leaders. This was at the peak hiring season for TOSAs and instructional coaches, and we saw a distinct need to support each other and so many other educators on their leadership and learning journey.

Over the last 3 years, this PLN has morphed in a lot of ways. New moderators (Lindsey Blass, Roland Aichele, Ryan O’Donnell, Nicole Beardsley, Kristina Allison, Tom Covington, and Stephanie Filardo) have invigorated the Twitter Handle, regular Twitter Chat, social events at conferences across the nation, conference workshops, and Voxer slow chats. As the one steady presence in this PLN from inception, I am proud to say that #ConnectedTL is ready for all that 2018 has in store.

So, let me make this simple.

If you are a teacher who aspires to lead, a leader who is a teacher at heart, and/or a practicing teacher-leader (TOSA, Instructional Coach, Support Provider, etc), this is where you can find us:

  • TWITTER: #CUEchat Powered By #ConnectedTL happening every third Tuesday from 7-8pm PST as well as the ongoing support system found by using the hashtag #ConnectedTL anytime or handle @ConnectedTL
  • VOXER: “ConnectedTL Tribe” Slow Chat happening 24/7 – Join today!
  • FACE-TO-FACE: Meet-up with Your Tribe at Spring CUE (Make sure to reserve Friday night, March 16, for CUE Karaoke and some fun times with your ConnectedTL friends IRL)

I can’t imagine serving as a teacher-leader without my tribe. This is my lifeline. These are my people. This is truly the staff lounge we all want and deserve. Go get yours.

bucketThis is post 2 of 365 posts to be included in my 2018 #TrickleChallenge. Follow the hashtag on Twitter to stay connected and follow the journey.

2 thoughts on “#ConnectedTL Transitions Into Year 4 of Connected Leadership

  1. Now which one of us posted this comment? We all look the same. Question. In the picture, where is the fridge and microwave? Is this staff lounge located in Dongle City?

    1. You boys crack me up!! If only there was a staff room in Dongle City! I believe there’s space for that at a Rock Star Camp near you. 🙂

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