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When #CUElaunch Returns to Glendora USD…

Glendora USD Launch Participants
Glendora USD Launch Participants
Glendora USD kicks off their second cohort of CUE Launch — a Google for EDU Level 1 Prep Program powered by CUE!

Today, I had the pleasure of bringing CUE Launch back to Glendora Unified School District for the second time. In December of 2015, I was asked by Jon Corippo at CUE if I wanted to work with a few amazing educators to create a program that prepares participants to take the Google for Education Level 1 certification exam. Being a self-proclaimed #GoogleFanGirl and ed tech coach, I jumped at the opportunity to help build the program that is now CUE Launch. In partnership with Reuben Hoffman, we stacked the programmatic bricks one-by-one until the foundation was strong, and we continue to iterate on Launch as we respond to the ever-changing G Suite landscape. 

CUE Launch 2017

Back in January of 2017, Reuben led a team of 25 educators through the program with the support of Brock Jacobsen, Coordinator of Educational Technology and School to Career Pathways. Brock and the Glendora USD leadership team found the participants to be so invested that they have since sponsored a district-wide Google for Education Level 2 cohort. The confidence boost that CUE Launch provided as well as the model of learning has shaped ed tech professional development in Glendora USD. 

As Brock introduced me to the second Glendora USD cohort this morning, he shared a very special story. At the annual “Food for Thought” Fundraising event sponsored by the Glendora Education Foundation, a total of $30,000 was raised in a 3-minute paddle raise. The money was earmarked to directly support Glendora USD classroom teachers by funding the second cohort of CUE Launch and compensating the attendees for their time during the summer training. This effort was spearheaded by co presidents Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth Reuter as well as past president Mike Beckman. As Brock, Daniel, and Mike talked to the attendees, the pride in the room was palpable, and the importance of the 2-day event reached a whole new level.

To experience the energy of 25 educators learning new skills and sharpening old ones is inspiring. I was already struck by the sense of positivity in the room, the smiles, and the timeliness (both in the morning and after lunch). My heart soared as the afternoon took us to new lengths of communication. I watched early-finishers step over to help out others who needed some personal coaching. I felt the urgency of those that “just wanted to make sure they did it right.” I watched fear vanish into perseverance, and I knew that this story needed to be told.

So as the night one of CUE Launch closes, I can rest knowing that each educator who experiences CUE Launch has the potential to bring innovative learning and tech-rich lessons to their classrooms of 30+ students. Using mental math… that’s the potential of impacting 750+ students and their families!! I am honored to be a part of CUE Launch, and I can’t wait to see the learning and fun that comes out of Day 2!


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