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The Marriage of Google and Apple… It WILL End Happily Ever After #AppleTeacher #GoogleEDU


I recently went through the Apple Teacher Program online and earned all of my badges for both the iPad and the Mac interfaces. I’m blown away by how much of an impact it has had on me as a Mac user and educational technologist. It surprises me that it’s taken me this long to jump into these Mac software programs like Pages, Keynote, and more. But, instead of focusing on that, I’d really like to bring attention to some of my ah-hahs that have come out of this experience and share those out.


I can see a much closer relationship between Keynote and Google Slides.

This might not super clear to you, but I now see how I can take advantage of the design features inside of Keynote in totally unique ways and bring the content into Google Slides for the collaboration. I’m excited to see the development of the iCloud collaboration features being added to these Mac products, and I can’t wait to see how that might add to my toolbox of resources for tech integration.  

Garage Band is awesome!

I tended to stay away from Garage Band because it seemed like a very complex tool that wouldn’t necessarily be a fit for the needs I have as an educational technologist. But my big take-away after this assessment is that Garage Band is a fantastic resource to integrate creative audio tracks and voiceovers into a lot of different applications. It’s super high-quality and it’s an engaging tool for students that are musically and verbally inclined to learn. I can’t wait to dive deeper into this program.

Images inside of Pages– Oh Em Gee

I knew that Pages was a powerful tool, but I hadn’t experienced it because I didn’t have a need to deviate from Microsoft Word and Google Docs – plus I only started working on a Macbook in 2013. The one feature inside of Pages that I was most intrigued by is this the Image elements. I now see how I can create very professional, sleek compositions inside of Pages and then export them via PDF and share them inside of Google via Google Classroom for students or teachers that I work with.

The possibilities of marriage between Google and these Mac applications is amazing. It’s up to innovative educators to continue to create new opportunities to smash these programs and create a whole new level of use out of them.

After all isn’t that what an Apple Teacher / Google Certified Educator should be doing?


*This blog post was written in a Google Doc using Voice Typing on my iPhone 6.

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