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Shifting Culture — It Shouldn’t be easy.

BrightBytes Institute 4/29/2016

After reflecting on our time with the BrightBytes team at the Santa Clara Couty Office of Education, it occurred to me that my favorite takeaways had nothing to do with data at all. Ironic, right? Instead, I left thinking more about changing mindsets — inspired by the talk offered by Robert Dillon, Community Director of BrightBytes Institute.

Above is a sketch note I completed during the tail end of his talk. Some of his points resonated with me deeply.

“You don’t get to be an A students and an F person.”

This came up as we discussed the need to encourage students and teachers to focus on real-world problem-solving. What’s the point of imagining problems and solutions when we have plenty that need attention around us. And as a result, how are we building cultures of empathy instead of cultures of performance?

“Spend more money on empathy.”

I liked this idea a lot. As districts are confronted with more local control of their funding, how are visions and missions playing a role in the construction of the budget? Are you allocating enough resources — including time — to this effort?


“Amplify the good.”

Again, thinking about the notion that “what you pay attention to gets repeated,” what if we spent more time focusing on the good around us? How might that shift more mindsets for the better?


Clearly, I was left with more questions. And that makes sense, because culture change shouldn’t be simple if it’s real.

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